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These are the GWF rules!

  1. Obey the rules.
  2. Have fun.
  3. Roleplay at least twice a week.
  4. You will not be added to the roster until you roleplay twice.
  5. You can curse, but use it sparingly. Absolutely NO racial remarks.
  6. Be smart about the matches you sign and agree to, WRESTLERS CAN BE INJURED SEVERELY!!!
  7. Each handler can have 2 Singles and 1 Tag Team, meaning a maximum of 4 wrestlers.
  8. Only original wrestlers, no rip-offs.
  9. Post roleplays in the message board, do not send then to me!!
  10. Notify me at least one day before a card if you want to submit a sneak attack (only one every two weeks.)
  11. Stables must contain a minimum of 3 wrestlers.
  12. Champions MUST defend their titles, once every two weeks, or you will be stripped of your title.
  13. NO KILLING of any characters
  14. No using other people in your roleplaying.
  15. Roleplaying time limit is five o'clock the night of an event, eastern time. I go by what the board says.